Creating immersive spaces with video projectors

What do you need?

1. Projectors with a leading brand name

These are essential due to their reliability and image quality. These projectors tend to have a longer lifespan, offer better customer service and guarantee a superior viewing experience. ImaginArt markets video projectors from leading brands such as Epson and Panasonic through a network of authorised resellers and integrators.

2. Wide-angle – or short-throw – or fisheye lenses

Short throw lenses allow large images to be projected in small spaces. This is especially useful in immersive spaces where area may be limited. They also minimise shadows that can disrupt the viewing experience.

imaginArt markets and stocks a full range of manufacturers’ own special lenses, as well as a Q-Brite range of lenses compatible with leading brand projectors. Also some very special fisheye lenses for special projects.

3. Tailor-made projection screens

These screens are essential for maximising image quality. By fitting exactly to the space available, they can improve the sharpness and contrast of the projected image. ImaginArt offers a bespoke screen supply service manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards. The range includes special sizes and formats, fabrics or rigid or even curved surfaces, among others.

4. High-resolution video players

The usage of these devices is necessary to ensure that projected content is sharp and detailed. This is especially important in immersive spaces, where fine detail can significantly enhance the user experience.

ImaginArt is the official importer of the American firm Brightsign, a world leader in media players. Brigthsign has a complete range of players with up to 8K resolution and extraordinary power in the management of graphics and digital image.

5. Encoders or signal managers for blending and warping

Signal managers are essential for creating a seamless immersive experience. Blending allows the overlapping of images from multiple projectors to create a cohesive, larger image, while warping corrects image distortions to fit uneven projection surfaces. ImaginArt markets VNS Geobox devices that allow the management of multiple high-resolution video signals with ease without the need for special software and with the reliability of not relying on any PC operating system. VNS Geobox is used extensively in a large number of installations in immersive spaces around the world.

6. Qualified audio (spatial, 3D or directional)

Audio plays a crucial role in creating immersive installations. It enhances narrative and ambience, can evoke emotions and set the mood of an experience. 3D audio can create a sense of depth, space, and direction, making the audience feel like they are actually inside the experience. Directional audio is an important part of room immersion. This type of audio allows sounds to appear to come from specific directions, which enhances immersion and provides a more engaging and realistic experience. ImaginArt markets directional audio systems from Waves.

Importance of consultancy

Consultancy is a great help in creating an immersive room. It can save time, avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the room meets your expectations and needs.

At imaginArt we have the experience of 30 years in the industry to provide valuable guidance on the above key aspects, as well as on:

      • Space Design: Crucial to the immersive experience. imaginArt’s engineering department can help determine the size, shape, ceiling height and ambient lighting for the room, among others. Or alternatively, from the infrastructure, propose the most suitable devices and technology and configure a technical proposal ensuring that all components work together efficiently.
      • Content and programming: Creating attractive content and programming the systems to work together is very important. imaginArt has thirty years of experience in the audiovisual sector and has a wide network of collaborators to configure video and animation content throughout Spain.
      • Training and Support: It is important to have access to training and ongoing support after installation. A consultant can provide training on how to use and maintain the system, as well as technical support when needed.

A number of imaginArt’s partner companies and distributors have the appropriate training and certification to provide the necessary support. imaginArt has trained and certified more than 250 professionals in the audiovisual sector in Spain in the last few years.