Media players up to 8K

BrightSign is the global market leader in players, content creation software and network solutions for the commercial digital signage industry. It operates from its headquarters in California, founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR).

BrightSign players set new standards worldwide for both standalone and networked digital signage applications because of their reliability, affordability and ease of use.

BrightSign introduces a complete line of very high-definition video players in a compact, easy-to-install form factor. They play everything from looping audio playlists to 8K content for vibrant and impactful presentations on high image resolution displays. They can be combined with sensors of all types to create a unique and fully customizable experience.

All managed from a reliable, robust and easy-to-manage platform, ideal for providing a dynamic and eye-catching digital signage solution.

imaginArt is the official distributor of Brightsign solutions in Spain and Portugal.

New 5 Series

The most powerful players in history

Multiple HDMI outputs, elite HTML performance, and stunning 8K video and graphics make BrightSign XC5 players the industry’s most powerful digital signage players.

BrightSign – The best choice

Brightsign digital signage solutions, designed exclusively for this type of applications, are secure, stable and reliable. They have an error rate of less than 0.1% during their lifetime. This makes them the most efficient option economically and in terms of quality of the result. Unlike other digital signage solutions, such as PC-based solutions, which are more complicated to implement, have a high error rate, and are therefore more expensive.

If you opt for a digital signage solution, BrightSign systems are high-definition, reliable solutions with no moving parts and are thermally tested and can be installed directly on the display screen. They support buttons, touch screens, sensors of all types and other controls to provide useful and eye-catching guides or presentations, in the museum, retail, events, catering and other sectors.

Complete management platform from the cloud: BSN.Cloud

BSN.Cloud is a robust new BrightSign player management platform. With it, any BrightSign player network, regardless of size, can be managed from anywhere, anytime.


Easy to use

BrightSign makes the implementation of digital signage networks a streamlined and simple process. Everything needed to deploy the network includes hardware, software and network connectivity.

Powerful zone content and synchronization

Easily create your own powerful and sophisticated digital signage channel, using templates with multiple zones or frame synchronization of multiple displays.

Interactivity and Control

BrightSign can easily engage your audience by adding interactivity to the application with buttons, touch screens, etc.

Robust and reliable platform

The robustness of the BrightSign solution is based on the solid hardware platform and its innovative, reliable and intuitive operating system designed specifically for digital signage applications.

It is a dedicated product designed exclusively for digital signage applications.

Wide variety of specialized models for any application

The BrightSign family of players offers a wide range of products and price points, each designed to meet the needs of a specific category within the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) market. Rather than offering closed products with extra functionality that is not needed in all applications, BrightSign has packaged into each model hardware and software functionality that is specific to a range of digital signage applications. Pay only for what you really need, and save costs in the process. All new models provide basic image and video looping, as well as zoned playback and scrolling text (ticker).

The more sophisticated models allow simple or complex interactive controls to be added very easily, from button panels to keyboards and touch screens. It also supports the synchronization of several screens to form a video wall. Many of the players also provide network connectivity so that any changes to the displayed content can be made remotely without having to physically access the equipment.

We all want to get back to work, and at BrightSign we especially want to help our customers and users (retail, higher education, corporate, hospitality and more) open their businesses in the most secure way possible.

Therefore, we have developed a family of new products that can enable contactless interactivity and promote social distancing.

We invite you to learn more!

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