Industry 4.0 solutions

Indústria 4.0

The new ‘smart factories’ include a series of infrastructures that go far beyond video security or access control. imaginArt adapts to the changing needs of the industry 4.0 —the fourth industrial revolution— and offers a range of products aimed at a new understanding of production processes.

  • Audiovisual installations in outdoor or extreme conditions.
  • Fire prevention through video analysis.
  • Visual systems counting people or objects and behaviour
  • Access control systems with intelligent remote management, face recognition…
Projector enclosures
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We have solutions for projectors protection in extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, outdoor, dusty or contaminated environments…

IP Video
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Solutions based on IP cameras with thermal sensors that are used to prevent fire hazard. Also people counting systems, behavior analysis and other new solutions for smart production systems.

Face recognition

We have a new platform based on face recognition approach that allows fast and reliable digital signage, access control and security of an innovative way.