What can be done with Geobox?

Videowall control

Display videos on multiple screens regardless of their orientation, placement and size.

Edge blending

Projects any video signal from multiple projectors as if it were one. Includes geometric alignment and edge blending.

Digital mapping

It projects videos on any surface regardless of the surface and shape.


Play more than one video on a large display system.

Why is GeoBox® the easiest solution for multi-screen applications?

Transform any video to any viewing format

As a pure hardware-based video controller, GeoBox® transforms any video stream into any display format without the need to render any content.

Just connect it to the input device, and you are ready to easily set up your projection or display systems in any format you need, no matter how complex.

No software required, no downtime.

Compatibility problems, system downtime, stuck software. All this will be a thing of the past: GeoBox is a pure and reliable hardware solution that allows you to easily create and switch between different configurations for multiple usage scenarios on a single system. And without any PC software your work will be easier than ever.

No content rendering, true plug-n-play.

A new concept of solution: no need to render your content using complicated software. With GeoBox, you can easily control and adjust any video stream in real time. Moving from one content to another, from one source to another, and even from one format to another is a piece of cake!

Immersive room applications

What are the advantages?

  • Any video source can be used.
  • Efficient content creation without rendering complications.
  • No need to prepare outputs for each projector.
  • No need to take into account overlapping pixels in the content.
  • Real-time edge blending and warping.
  • You can maintain the system resolution and increase it with ease.
  • Orientation can be adjusted for each projected image.
  • Precise image cropping and output synchronization.
  • Adjustment of aspect ratio across the entire projection system.
  • GeoBox is used for cropping and assigning images to individual projectors and controlling pixel overlap.
  • Embedded projector functions are used for blending.

Videowall Control

G904/ G902/ G901: Multiple 4K input - 4K output
  • Powerful PIP&POP with multiviewer for LED wall or large screen applications.
  • Supports non-standard VESA input synchronization.
  • Editable output resolution.
  • True 4K image rotation.
  • 3D format conversion.
  • Multiple inputs (matrix).
Serie G406/ G408: 4K input - FHD output
  • Videowalls at any scale with multiple content and screen sizes.
  • Supports up to true 4K or 8K/1K@30hz, and outputs up to WUXGA.
  • Supports multiple cascaded units via HDMI loop-through output.
  • Image rotation (portrait, mirror, flip).
  • Multiple inputs (matrix).
G413: 4K in FHD output, 360° rotation
  • Crop and rotate images at any angle.
  • 2 inputs and 4 outputs.
  • Preset display mode for easy installation.
  • PIP/POP.
  • Loop playback without interruptions.

Edge blending and warping

Serie UD100: UHD / 4K projector support
  • Control 4K UHD projector edge blending on flat, curved and 360-degree displays.
  • Supports 4096×2160@60hz or 7680×2160@30hz maximum input and true 4K output.
  • Modular design to control from one to four projectors in a single box.
  • Supports cascading multiple units through HDMI loop through to control more than four projectors.
M810 & M800EX & G1 & G8: Compatible with WUXGA / FHD projectors
  • Modular design of the edge blending processor.
  • Warp control point up to 120×68.
  • Integrated videowall function, no image splitter required.
  • 4K loop-through output port for daisy-chaining in cascaded applications.
  • Easy configuration via IR remote control, PC tool or WebGUI.
  • Videomapping projection function (M800EX series only).
UD100 Series
  • Output: max. UHD
  • Input: 8K/2K@30hz or 4K@60hz
  • Multiviewer
  • Warp: 120×68 dots
M810 Series
  • Output: max. WUXGA
  • Input: 8K/2K@30hz or 4K@60hz
  • Warp: 120×68 dots
  • Output: max. WUXGA
  • Input: 8K/2K@30hz or 4K@60hz
  • Warp: 17×17 dots
  • Output: max. WUXGA
  • Input: 4K@30hz
  • Warp: 17×9 dots

Where can I use GeoBox®?

Museums: temporary and permanent exhibitions

GeoBox is a perfect choice for museums. Its reliability is extremely important for exhibitions, and its unique hardware-only design allows content to be changed quickly and easily, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary projects.

Experience centers and conference rooms

The GeoBox solution, unique in the market, is optimal for Holodeck experience centers and corporate applications. Multiple screen configurations can be stored for different users within the organization, maintenance is easier without software and no special training is required.

Customer experience for retail

Customer experience is increasingly important in retail, but creative installation can be complex and costly to maintain. That’s why GeoBox is perfect for these applications.

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