AV accesories


Audio solutions to complement any type of installation: fixed or portable audio directional


Fixed sound systems

imaginArt has a wide range of solutions for delivering sound in any space: powered speakers and sound bars for classrooms and small and medium rooms, or complete equipment for auditoriums and large sized rooms


Directional Sound Systems

HyperSound® technology is a fundamentally new approach to sound delivery that generates a highly directional, narrow beam of audio in the air. Similar to how a flashlight directs a beam of light, HyperSound Clear directs a beam of audio to targeted listeners and has applications in the commercial, hearing health, home audio and innovations channels

Audio portable

Portable sound systems

Anchor Audio deliver reliable battery powered portable sound systems and portable PA systems. Its products are easy to transport, simple to use, have a very good sound quality and do not require training or facilities.


All kinds of mounts for displays, projectors and video walls: ceiling, wall standing, motorized, short, stackable, truss/pole … Solutions for all needs and configurations..

Soportes videowall

Display mounts

imaginArt provides industry-leading display and videowall mounts for any type of installation, minimizing installation time, simplifying maintenance and providing integrated security

Soportes proyector

Projector mounts

imaginArt provides industry-leading projector mounts for any type of installation that minimize installation time, simplifying maintenance and providing integrated security

Projector enclosures

imaginArt offers customised enclosures for the installation of projectors and other audiovisual equipment in outdoor and extreme environments. They withstand any kind of temperature, wind, humidity and pollution conditions.

Signal management

All kinds of accessories for signal distribution, signal connectivity and control for audiovisual professional installation


Signal Management

Control sala táctil

Signal control

Projection screens

Projection screens are a very important element in obtaining optimal results during your presentation. A good video projector is not enough. Ambient light, artificial light, shadows, reflections, ceiling height … can affect the result of the projection. For these reasons, the choice of the appropriate screen for each situation (manual, portable, electric …) is of great importance to achieve optimal quality projection.


Electric screens


Manual screens

Portable screens


Fixed Frame Screens


Electric inceel Screens

pantalles tripode

Tripod screens