ImaginArt distributes a new range of special lenses for Panasonic Connect video projectors.

ImaginArt, an authorised distributor of Panasonic Connect, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of special lenses compatible with Panasonic Connect video projectors. These lenses, which include unusual types such as fisheye and wide-angle lenses, will be useful for special projects and installations in museums and immersive spaces.

The fisheye range of lenses allow projection in very small spaces, while the wide-angle range is ideal for projection in immersive spaces. These innovative lenses offer new possibilities for creating stunning visual experiences.

We are proud to offer these special lenses to our distribution network,” said the ImaginArt spokesperson, “We believe these lenses will open up new possibilities in the field of projection and allow our customers to take their visual projects to the next level.

The special Panasonic Connect video projector lenses are now available for purchase from imaginArt in Spain. For more information about these lenses and other products, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

About imaginArt

ImaginArt is an authorised Panasonic Connect reseller and a leading developer of projection technologies, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.

For more information, please contact our customer service team.