imaginArt introduces VNS Geobox, a range of devices for A/V signal management for the creation of immersive rooms, videowalls, and mappings.

imaginArt announces the commercialization of VNS Geobox products, the simplest solution for multi-screen applications.

VNS Geobox equipment is the culmination of advanced video processing technology, developed and perfected in-house by VNS Inc over the past 20 years. Thanks to it, imaginArt offers the market a solution for videowall control, content generation for immersive rooms, as well as digital mapping or playback of more than one video on a large screen system.

“This product line allows for the creation of spectacular images and video content, facilitating the creativity and imagination of its creators like never before,” says David Robres, CEO of imaginArt.

The VNS Geobox range of devices is ideal for multi-screen applications. It transforms any video into any display format without the need for software, without downtime, and without content rendering.

Among the potential users are museums, with temporary or permanent exhibitions, as its unique hardware-only design allows for quick and easy content changes.

Geobox products are now available at imaginArt.

About VNS Geobox Inc.

VNS Geobox Inc. was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing of video processing products. Geobox is an in-house brand of video processors for professional AV applications. In Europe, the company is represented by MatrixWorks, one of the most reliable pro A/V business partners.

About imaginArt

imaginArt is a wholesale import and distribution company founded in 1994 based in Barcelona (Spain). Since its inception, it has focused on various areas of the audiovisual communication sector with particular emphasis on the markets of education, multimedia presentations, digital signage, and IP video transmission. imaginArt has an engineering department to support the projects of its clients, whether they are integrators, developers, or resellers in the computer or audiovisual sector. In total, more than 1,100 clients annually trust the company and the added value it generates for the products it imports and distributes for Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.