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Transform any digital display into an engaging experience.

Our collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive tours wherever digital signage is applied.

Connect I/O devices
to create interactivity with your digital signage

In this video, we demonstrate how the X-Dot I/O connects interactive solutions such as pressure mats, key locks, LED buttons, relays, switches and other input/output devices to your digital signage setup.

In addition to sensors that connect directly to the Xperience controller, Nexmosphere also develops interfaces for connecting third-party devices to the sensor platform. Below we will share ideas for use with the X-Dot I/O interface. Use these handy little interfaces when:

Installation of pressure mats

They are used to activate the contents every time someone steps on the carpet. They are ideal when local activation is required in a specific area and can be hidden under a mat or floor material.

Use of relays to control electronic devices

Turn any wired electronic device on or off using a relay switch connected to the X-Dot I/O interface. Make any connected device respond to your audience's input using the sensing elements or touch buttons on the digital display.

Connection of single switches

Connect switches to give input to ON/OFF, YES/NO, or use them to switch between various types of content or presentation files. Perfect when you need a simple switching option.

Integration of key locks

Monitor and respond to the opening and closing of a lockable cabinet. This functionality is often combined with other Nexmosphere sensors, for example a presence sensor, to create an original technological implementation.

Connect a push button with stellar LED feedback

The X-Dot I/O allows interconnection of a mechanical button and offers extensive LED control when your button is equipped with one. The ability to dim the LED from 100 to 0% and the pattern creation control allow you to program custom LED feedback for your user.

Adding LEDs to Digital Signage

Nexmosphere offers a broad portfolio of LED lighting solutions. From flicker-free white lighting to animated RGB LED lighting products. Use our LED drivers to enhance storytelling or create a visual guide to help a shopper find the right products.