View and control touch screens from your cell phone without touching their surface.


  • Allows you to control interactivity through a cell phone by scanning a QR code without any contact.

  • Link any cell phone to your signage or digital signage. No contact, no internet and no need for an application.

  • Display your information in a browser on the mobile. Transform your cell phone into your digital signage display. No internet or application is needed.

  • Provides an affordable, ready-to-use solution with a Brightsign player, a wireless module and your customized content.

  • Provides an affordable, turnkey solution with a Brightsign player, a wireless module and your custom content.

  • Uses proven BrightSign technology. Easily deployable with security for existing as well as new installations.

Choose your implementation

Unidirectional addressing

Turns your phone into the digital signage display: the other display is optional!

Bidirectional addressing

Turns your phone into a remote control to direct the playback of one screen.

Unidirectional addressing

  • Easily display your content in a personal phone’s browser with a quick QR code scan.

  • Supports a multitude of users linked to a single BrightSign player to distribute your content.

  • Does NOT require an Internet connection, an app or even a screen. Ideal application for:

    • Providing visitors with a location map of your space, from museums to shopping malls, public buildings and more.

    • Communicating contact directories to office visitors.

    • Convey information about products and services.

    • Distribute coupons, offers and discounts.

    • Optional ability to link to online loyalty programs and opt-in offers using cell phone service.

How it works for a museum application

1. Scan the QR code and link your phone.

2. View exhibit information: all visitors can see it at the same time!

Bidirectional addressing

  • Turns a personal phone into a remote control to actively control playback of a display or kiosk.

  • Displays an on-screen QR code for scanning that links a phone without an app or the Internet.

  • Provides a customized interface on the phone’s browser that allows the user to remotely control the display and view special offers and coupons.

  • Optional ability to provide links to online subscription programs and shopping sites using the cell phone.

  • Link to a single phone at any time with configurable and automatic disconnect options.

  • Ideal for avoiding touch and touch surfaces for remote control applications such as:

    • Interactive, touch-free selection of retail product demonstrations.

    • Product stock display and instant updating for potential customer awareness.

    • Interactive corporate directory and access instructions.

    • Contactless addressing for museum displays and kiosks for transportation, hotels, healthcare and more.

How it works for a retail kiosk application

1. Scan the QR code and link your phone.

2. Control the kiosk from your phone and sign up for more information.