Videoconferencing solutions with a clear climate conscience

Konftel is a pioneer in conference calling. It has been helping businesses and organizations around the world meet remotely since its launch in 1988. Konftel’s conferencing solutions offer excellent audio and video quality for efficient and environmentally friendly collaboration.

Video conferencing has become a great way for most organizations to save money, maintain and thrive in the new era of hybrid work. Konftel, together with its Climate Neutral certified collaboration products, ensures that rooms and users can be equipped in a simple and economical way, while maintaining a clear climate awareness.

Enable your classrooms with video for distance learning

Konftel video kits offer a range of packaged solutions that make video conferencing incredibly simple and cost-effective. It doesn’t matter which collaboration application you use: Google Meet, Zoom, Hangout, Teams or other. Our solutions work seamlessly with all of them. Simply connect a single USB cable to your laptop and you’re ready to get started with the class. Virtually no IT support.

Affordable solutions for all sizes
  • The 4K camera is easy to set up and connects via USB.
  • Easy-to-use speaker phone with clear audio will keep students engaged all day.
  • Single cable connection.
  • A 4K camera with 123° field of view and presets (ePTZ).
  • The telephone speakerphone provides crystal-clear sound and a coverage area of 30 m².
  • Single cable connection.
  • A PTZ camera with exceptional optics and presets.
  • The speakerphone can be extended with microphones or a wireless headset.
  • Single cable connection.
Access your presentations with wireless proposals.

The perfect video and audio kit for Teleworking and On-Line Training. Plug-N-Play via USB socket without additional drivers. With Konftel OCC Hub, a single USB cable is all it takes to connect the conference camera, speakerphone and room display to the collaboration application on the laptop.

The perfect video kit for medium-sized meeting rooms. In it, the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera is accompanied by a speakerphone from the Konftel 55WX series with OmniSound® sound quality and wireless option.

Premium video kit for large spaces, offering exceptional audio and image quality.
A perfection that goes far, USB – PTZ camera. Powerful optical zoom captures faces and details with amazing clarity.