Queue management system

Is Covid-19 affecting your business? How do you make people feel safe before entering your store?

We have the solution to the problem

Simple, fast and without contact

The MOVIIK Contact-Free system was designed to manage the accounts that are formed outside your premises, virtually and without contact.

It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive on foot or by car. If they have a Smartphone or not. During this period of crisis for Covid-19, everyone will be able to take their virtual ticket and wait for their return in a completely safe way in a secure space, or even in their car.

Integration options

The system is accessible to everyone. Most customers will use their smartphones, but we have alternatives using SMS or your own name.

QR Code

Virtual Tiquet via web

Most users will use the system via Smartphone. The ticket is generated by reading a QR or a link.

Staff at the door

Terminal via web

For the population without Smartphone, with the help of a designated employee or security guard, the return can be known by giving the phone number and receiving an SMS or through the name.

Keep the users updated

Information on screen

The tickets will be shown through a visible screen outside the store. There is no need to install software; you simply need a screen with a browser and an internet connection.

Priority tickets will be marked so that a distinction is made and no one misses their turn.

With Moviik’s “Contact-Free” system, anyone will have the possibility to wait in a quiet room, guaranteeing their health and their return in this anxious period.

Compatible with:

Manage and organize your customer’s journey


Moviik’s backoffice system is a web application that allows to manage the whole organization, wherever it is.

Analitzi l’informació en tiemps real

Business Intelligence

També és possible analizar les dades del seu negoci en tiemps real en el nostre panell, i a llarg termini, en el nostre mòdul d’anàlisi de dades. Des de l’afluència dels clients al llarg de el temps, fins als temps d’espera. Coneix i actua sobre el que succeeix en el seu negoci, fins i tot en temps de crisi.

Configure it all yourself

On-the-fly configuration

All you need is a screen with a web browser and a device to carry it.

This system can be installed by yourself in a very fast and simple way. You only need to send a web link to execute it on your screens and everything will be ready in 5 minutes. No need to install or hire any external equipment! You can do it! Fast and simple!

What do I need?

  • Internet connection
  • Conventional monitor + Brightsign. You can also use a Smart TV with a web browser or any PC with web browser (Android, Windows, Linux, AppleTV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS).
  • A device with a web browser for the door. It can be a tablet, a Smartphone or even a PC.

Promote your brand

Highly customizable design

Powerful editor to enhance your creativity and promote the brand

Fully customizable applications for your customers

Moviik Contact-Free is the solution

In this Covid-19 crisis, make sure that all customers have access to the stores, maintaining safety distances, without losing their position in the market.