IMAGINART presents the new Lumens LC100 recording and streaming system.

This new Lumens LC100 device allows streaming and recording of 2 AV signals simultaneously, ideal for live streaming of events, distance education or presentations.

Lumens Digital Optics has expanded its CaptureVision series with the new LC100 recording and streaming system, a device that allows recording, mixing and streaming multiple channels of live HD video.
The system is designed to simplify live production, and is ideally suited for capturing educational or corporate lectures, broadcast events, and so much.

LC100 is intuitive and easy to use: simply connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor and you are ready for production. With local and remote control, plus integration with Panopto, Kaltura and other CMS systems.
The LC100 is very flexible, its different inputs include 2x HDMI, 2x SDI, 2x USB, Ethernet and XLR with Phantom, giving users the flexibility to use a wide range of AV sources.

It can record and live stream 2 channels of video in FULL HD quality simultaneously, allowing you to easily perform live production, switch live between your different input signals, mix sources and add titles and overlays. This means that the LC100 is the best way to enhance presentations or broadcast live events in an engaging and informative way.

Recordings can be stored internally on a 2 terabyte hard disk for local storage, also allowing automatic data transfer to network storage or FTP servers.

The LC100 can control Lumens IP cameras and perform different presets, making it an all-in-one multimedia device. The system is very intuitive, with presets and user-defined scenes, making the production process simple and rewarding.

At imaginArt we already have units in stock in our warehouse, if you require more information or a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact your usual sales representative.