New Newline MIRA series: Newline’s all-in-one solution for remote collaboration

  • Newline’s new series is the ultimate tool for remote collaboration.
  • It features integrated microphones and cameras for intuitive meetings with any video conferencing system.
  • Productive meetings in any workplace.

The digital world in general has become more dynamic and companies can continue with their routine thanks to the unreserved adoption of technological resources: Internet, computers, software, videoconferencing programs and a long etcetera.

Resources and tools of different kinds are at the service of companies and educational institutions to help us in the routine of this new normality where videoconferencing is more present than ever. imaginArt, always committed to innovation and the reality that surrounds it, presents the new model of Newline “MIRA”, an interactive solution ideal for providing maximum efficiency to educational and corporate spaces.

“MIRA”, a 100% Newline experience

Newline’s MIRA series is an alternative to traditional interactive monitors, and integrates a full HD camera and four microphones with echo cancellation and noise reduction.

It combines an elegant and compact design with maximum usability. These features make Newline MIRA a solution of enormous value for companies that, in addition to creating collaborative spaces, rely on videoconferencing systems in their daily work. As well as in educational centers where distance learning will be more and more present.

Available in three different sizes (65, 75 and 86 inches), the Newline MIRA series comes with an optional integrated OPS, wireless projection system and Newline’s secret recipe of optical bonding that offers higher image quality, vibrant colors and a wide viewing angle so that the screen is clearly visible from anywhere in the room.

Newline MIRA offers a smooth typing experience thanks to its precision touch and object recognition. It supports up to 20 touch points, allowing multiple people to interact with the monitor simultaneously.

Newline MIRA is pure collaboration and the best all-in-one solution for video conferencing.