imaginArt introduces new VC-TR40 camera with automatic AI tracking from Lumens

The Lumens® VC-TR40 is a highly reliable dual-lens self-tracking camera. Featuring a PTZ main camera with HD image processor and 20x zoom lens, and another camera with panoramic optics, the VC-TR40 offers excellent video quality for live events, studios, meetings and conference capture.

Lumens face recognition and gesture control technology with automatic AI (artificial intelligence) tracking

The VC-TR40 camera’s AI-powered facial recognition and gesture control technology tracks subjects without the need for additional software or any external dongles or servers. Advanced functionality includes automatic framing and partitioned framing technology that intelligently zooms in to capture all guests in the scene.

It incorporates different tracking modes, such as stage tracking where the VC-TR40 will pan left and right to follow the presenter within a defined area. Or zone or partition tracking mode, where the camera switches to a preset angle and zoom when the presenter enters the preset zones. When outside a Partition Area, the camera will automatically follow you.

In addition, the VC-TR40 features advanced gesture control. When the presenter raises his hands, the tracking target will change automatically. You can also manually change the tracked subject by selecting the individual through the web interface.

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