Brightsign shows the Series 5 in ISE 2023, Barcelona

Carefully designed, the new Series 5 family of players (AU5, LS5, HD5, XD5, XT5 and XC5) offers top-notch HTML5 performance, higher resolutions (up to 8k), multiple outputs, maximum uptime and robust security. From conventional deployments to sophisticated, captivating experiences with thousands of players, there is a BrightSign Series 5 model designed specifically for it. These are the models featured:

BrightSign Series 5: AU5, LS5, HD5, XD5, XT5 and XC5.

Description of the models:


For unmatched audio experiences. Delivers the latest audio technologies needed to play high-quality, high-bandwidth audio on a cloud-based platform. Its ARC/eARC support streamlines the distribution of 24-bit, high-bandwidth audio, including Dolby Atmos, while supporting audio routing, audio mixing, CEC commands and interactive controls to deliver audio experiences for any application. Available from January 2023.


Powerful performance at low cost. BrightSign LS5 offers HD and 4K models that effortlessly display looping video, HTML5, graphics and support digital audio and USB-C interactive peripherals. The LS5 is small and slim, so it fits virtually anywhere, and runs BrightSign OS to maximize device security, reliability and longevity. The LS5 is a valuable and cost-effective option for a wide range of simple signage experiences. Available in spring 2023.


Built for interactivity and 4K. BrightSign HD5 supports high-quality HTML5 animations and 4K60p video with HDR. Its patented aluminum housing and design allows the device to operate reliably in extreme conditions. With a flexible set of I/O, interactive peripherals such as touch screens, proximity sensors and buttons are easy to install and control. UDP and serial commands can be used to control environmental elements such as lighting. Modifiable connections and advanced performance make BrightSign HD5 the player of choice for captivating 4K interactive experiences. Available in spring 2023.


Optimized for smooth, high-quality HTML5 animation. BrightSign XD5 has an updated architecture that takes video to the next level by adding 4K graphics and High Dynamic Range. With Power over Ethernet (PoE+), self-encrypting SSD functionality, and a slim enclosure, the XD5 simplifies and protects future deployments like never before. BrightSign XD5 gives you powerful HTML5 and 4K performance. Available in spring 2023.


Outstanding multi-display performance. From 4-screen video walls to ultra-fast 3D WebGL applications. Creating multi-screen video walls and presentations is greatly streamlined with XC5 players. With multiple HDMI outputs, top-level HTML5 performance, 4k video rotation and stunning 8k video & graphics, XC5 is the most powerful player BrightSign has ever created. Available January 2023.

More information on these amazing players can be found here.