Bluefin and BrightSign, brands distributed by imaginArt, join forces in the development of integrated video walls.

Bluefin, the US company specializing in video wall solutions, has partnered with BrightSign to develop an integrated video wall offering. This partnership aims to combine the experience of Bluefin in custom video walls with digital signage players BrightSign, renowned in the industry, to create a solution videowall high quality and easy to use.

Both brands are officially distributed in Spain and Portugal by imaginArt.

This partnership will allow Bluefin to offer customers a more efficient and simple installation process, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. On the other hand, it will be able to expand its range of videowall solutions by integrating BrightSign digital signage players, which offer a reliable and high-performance platform for displaying content on multiple screens.

Professional quality
Housings designed for maximum ease of use and installation. Stronger, all-metal and quick and easy to assemble.

Touch interactivity
More engaging interactive experience with touch functionality. Capacitive touch screens available in all sizes.

“BrightSign Built-In is the solution designed for commercial use in areas such as retail, hospitality and corporate environments. It is a high-definition display, media player and content management system. It is highly customizable, allowing users to create, manage and display their own dynamic content in real time, supporting multiple formats and integrating with social networks.

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