ABTUS: new Thermal Sensor TS-01F

The worldwide pandemic situation we are currently experiencing is forcing companies and individuals to take extraordinary security measures that have never been taken before.

ImaginArt announces the availability of the Abtus TS-01F non-contact thermal sensor.

The Abtus TS-01F non-contact thermal sensor is specifically designed for rapid thermal detection on people. Its main function is to help detect people with fever in public and its reliability is equivalent to that of a handheld thermometer, with the advantage of not needing a dedicated person to take temperatures.

If the temperature detected in the person exceeds 37.3ºC, the connected display will show red and immediately send a warning. This alarm is fully configurable to get the warning at the temperature determined by the user.

All temperature parameters are designed for quick scanning of human temperature, therefore, they cannot be used for other purposes. The device takes up to 4 readings per second so it is capable of detecting people in motion without the need for them to stand in front of the sensor.

Its installation and set up is very simple and it is only required to connect it to the nearest local wifi so that it can display an HTML with the detected temperature data by entering its IP in any web browser.


  • Non-contact thermal sensor.
  • No personnel or software required for its operation. Easily installed.
  • Detection range: 10 – 80 cm.
  • Ideal operation in ambient temperatures <30ºC.
  • Takes 4 temperature readings per second. No need to stand in front of the sensor to take temperature readings.
  • Control and integration with other devices through UDP commands.
  • User-configurable alarm warning range.
  • Wifi connection.

Especially recommended for schools, government institutions, offices, stores, museums or any place with large crowds with constant human interactions, helping to control public access to detect people with fever.