Media servers

Proxima, intuitive and flawless video mapping media servers.

New for 2024, Waves system introduces its Proxima range of media mapping servers. They are designed for fast and reliable installation. Proxima results from the merger of Digital Essence, specialist in mapping software, and Waves System, specialist in professional audiovisual installation equipment.

Proxima Composer, undoubtedly the most intuitive video mapping software.

When the server is started, the video ports remain available for video. The composer is displayed on a virtual screen that you access with your PC or Mac from the server’s web interface. You will then discover the advanced functionalities of the software:

      • Multi-projection and edge blending: combine up to 4 video projectors with edge blending functionalities.
      • Warping: a 15 × 15 grid allows you to quickly adapt your media to the 3D volume.
      • Sequences: Organize your project into sequences. Combine them with fade transitions. Activate sequences on events or along a timeline.
      • MIDI/OSC/DMX controls: control software through many supported protocols. Create a matrix with external controllers via the self-learning interface or via the OSC API.
      • Multicast: import all your media, organize them in separate zones and stream them at the same time.
      • Real-time effects: impress with live video effects projection.

Media servers for mapping with 2 and 4 outputs

Discover the most compact media server on the market. Proxima 4020 is a media server so small that it can stay close to video projectors or screens. It guarantees a perfect synchronization of your mapped streams and is discreet with an imperceptibly smaller sound footprint.

Need to run a larger project?

Proxima 4040 is the ultimate media server, supercharged and very well ventilated, it is perfectly suited for demanding installations with 4 or more outputs. It can also be complemented with optional cards such as a video capture card or an output card.

Advice and support from the manufacturer.

Our team of engineers will advise you on the best choice of interactive and programmable readers. We support our customers through regular training. Waves system solutions are designed and manufactured in France.