Control the occupancy level of the different interior spaces to ensure social distancing in an effective, dynamic and autonomous way.
Capacity control system with Digital Signage ideal for shops and large establishments.

To set it up, all that is needed is an LCD screen with a Brightsign player (DIGITAL SIGNAGE’s leading platform) together with a MOBOTIX camera. This camera has a video analytics system that tracks and counts the number of customers at the entrance and exit entrances.

Once the screens are placed at the entrances to the establishments, they will act as a traffic light indicating when it is safe to pass, thus automatically managing the queue of customers. They also allow a visual warning to be displayed to indicate to customers when it is their turn and they can enter.

In addition, while customers are waiting for their turn, these screens can broadcast other types of messages; promotions to motivate customers to wait or invitations to passers-by to enter. There is no need for a PC. Everything is managed in an attractive, dynamic and autonomous way without the need for any external network connection.

  • Manage the capacity in an agile and efficient way.
  • Control the flow of people entering and leaving the establishment in real time.
  • Manage the maximum capacity and eliminate manual control.
  • Ensure people’s safety.
  • Display attractive and dynamic content such as images, videos…
German and American technology make Semappforo an easy to install, safe and reliable solution.

Thanks to the intelligent MxAnalitycs video analytics integrated in the C26B camera, you will have access to various functionalities that will provide you with valuable statistical data for any marketing department.

Types of intelligent analysis
Visualisation of the capacity on the screens
  • There are several types of layouts to display the capacity along with other information in horizontal or vertical format.
  • The capacity is displayed in real time as a percentage of the total capacity of the establishment.
  • Can be combined with advertising videos, the solution offers several layouts where a part of the screen can be used to display any kind of videos, images or HTML information. The fact that it uses a Brightsign player allows it to exploit all its capabilities to the full.
Different options for displaying information on the screens:

Capacity + advertising option

Full screen with capacity information

Vertical display option

Capacity control can be applied in different sites and establishments such as:
Hotels and restaurants
Meeting rooms
Clinics, hospitals and pharmacies
Sports facilities
Shopping centres and supermarkets
Large leisure centres
Shop testers
Commercial and leisure premises
Gambling halls and discotheques
Airports and train stations

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