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Vaddio is the world’s leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras, professional audiovisual solutions and a complete suite of UCC products.


Chosen No. 1 supplier for Videoconferencing accessories

Reliable audiovisual production systems, simple to operate and easy to install. HD robotic cameras for videoconferencing, USB solutions for audio and video, mixing and control desk… all kinds of products for production systems: simple, ideal for small productions, local TV, conference rooms, live events… a product line specially designed to facilitate the work of the installer/integrator, based on CAT5 cabling.

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USB collaborative solutions

EasyUSB audio solutions connected to your PC that allow users to use any type of collaborative systems or software.

EasyIP Ecosystem

Los productos Vaddio EasyIP son sistemas AV-sobre-IP que son fáciles de usar, fáciles de instalar y proporcionan una calidad de vídeo líder en el sector AV.

Professional cameras

Vaddio’s RoboSHOT® PTZ cameras offer unsurpassed image quality and color reproduction, with unmatched flexibility for integration and control.

Auto Tracking

Ideal for classrooms or training rooms, Vaddio automatic tracking systems allow speakers to focus on teaching, not technology.

Control tables

ALL-IN-ONE control panels that control all features of multiple cameras with a very intuitive operation.


Converts an audio and video matrix into a single piece of equipment. The AV Bridge provides a simple way to add cameras, microphones and other AV equipment to a traditional conference room.

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