imaginArt presents Konftel video conferencing solutions with a clear climate awareness

Video conferencing has become a great way for most organizations to save money, maintain and thrive in the new era of hybrid work. Konftel, together with its Climate Neutral certified collaboration products, ensures that rooms and users can be equipped in a simple and economical way, while maintaining a clear climate awareness.

Only good conversations, zero carbon emissions


Konftel and its complete videoconferencing solution, together with its partner ImaginArt, distributor of the brand in Spain and headquartered in Barcelona, is the first company in the sector to obtain Climate Neutral certification. We offset all our greenhouse gas emissions, with the sole objective of further reducing these emissions in the near future.

Why? Because travel-free meetings are essential. However, we are not satisfied with that and we also want to offer you as a customer the possibility to get involved in this effort for a sustainable world.